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Hello! Mariela here! 18. Aspiring animator/storyteller from Puerto Rico.
I like to draw and reblog things about art and stuff.

I hope you have an awesome day, you son of a gun!


Two of them in fact

Oh snap these are old! I’m sorry I didn’t get to them earlier but… better late than never I suppose.
  1. Rule 1 - Post the rules.
  2. Rule 2 - Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then make 11 new ones.
  3. Rule 3 - Tag 11 people and link them to your post.
  4. Rule 4 - Let them know you’ve tagged them.

Questions from spicerart

1-  Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

- 10 years! Can’t say I think that far ahead!

2- When you think about a story, how should it be told and why


As in a method to tell stories or a medium? @u@ I’m sorry, I’m not sure!

3- What is your favorite kind of character archetype and why (basically, which kind of characters do you find liking the most) 

I always find myself liking the shapeshifter characters best. Shapeshifter as in a big character development that changes them on the story.

4- If you suddenly could be a master artist, what would you draw?

whoa whoa master artist you say? >u> Whatever I’d feel like working on, I guess! 

5- What is your favorite kind of music?

Orchestrated music

6- What is your favorite medium of film (as in live action, animation, etc)


7- traditional animation or CGI?

Traditional animation

8- Favorite animated movie?

- Tough one… Fox and the Hound mayhaps?

9- Type the first four words that come to your head

- Defective, potato, Krabby Patty…

10- What is your favorite type of cake?

The ‘Tres leche’!

11- Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry?

Chocolate and Vanilla… it depends on my mood really.

Questions from twiltye!

1. Does your favorite drawing style to look at match with your preferred personal drawing style? If you’re not an artist, then favorite style from a comic/tv show/general art thing?

I think so… or atleast I try that with my style.

2. Least favorite fandom quirks? Be honest here.

Hmmm… when innocent things suddenly turn NSFW xD

3. And now your favorite fandom things?

- Theories and Headcanons? 

4. The last time you just wanted to drop everything and just go somewhere else and do something entirely different. Unless that’s just me.

Nothing I remember recently. UH though I doubt it’s just you!

5. What sort of things do you hope to accomplish in life? In the most optimistic terms possible.

Taking up animation or art in the future would be fantastic! 

6. What is the most awesome thing you could possibly own right now?

- …that portal turret hoodie. o-o

7. Favorite weather?


8. Paperback or hardcover books? —>straight on to the next question…


9. Owning things for the sake of owning them, ie in a collection, or owning things and using them up? 

A little of both…

10. Pencil or pen?


11. The current fandom hogging up your dash?

Portal and TLOK uvu


And I’m sorry I’d have no idea what to ask or who to tag! ;v;

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