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Hello! Mariela here! 18. Aspiring animator/storyteller from Puerto Rico.
I like to draw and reblog things about art and stuff.

I hope you have an awesome day, you son of a gun!



Wonderful song, oh goodness, just so cute!

Gay things and paper cut outs, two of my favorite things <3

this song is the cutest thing ever. I can’t

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Sketching in the wind

Our house is near a river. 500m later, the river goes into the sea. In that place, there’s a small fishing harbour. We often go there for a walk, in the late afternoon when the sun sets behind the island Sado at the horizon.

The small harbour was a great spot for a sketch but the wind was really strong this day. In Niigata, there’s always a strong wind coming from the west, from the sea.

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oh my god

everyone needs to see this video at least once in their life

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OH YEAH if you don’t hear from me in a while it’s because of college… stay tuned for randomly scheduled reblogs as I try getting everything in order- hope you have a lovely day!

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oh my goodness
that was beyond cute ;___; 

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Amandine Pécharman drawings for The Amazing World of Gumball

more here


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I recently made the decision to create a quick mini animation in both Paint Tool Sai + Photoshop. It turned out pretty good, it definitely could be better, but I’m too tired to work on it any further. I also threw some text on top of the gif to show you what effects I used, plus animation thumbnails below it. Enjoy!

See You Tomorrow

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Old Fangs(2009)- Adrien Merigeau / Cartoon Saloon

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Heres a page of the various background characters on My Life as a Teenage Robot. Source

That punk kid with the star hairdo is my hero

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That weird 10 seconds of good animation in an episode always weirds me out.

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Doodles from today!

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early rough passes for WAND’S WANDER. trying to understand the design style and animation style!

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Welcome to my world of weird animating. So this is one of my favorite shots not only because of it’s quality but also because for me it was the first time directing subtle acting and for Lena it was the first time when she was animating subtle acting. So we were carefully managing all his fingers and eyeballs movements as precisely as his thoughts. In the most of cases animation in this film was done direct-in-color, but into complicated shots it was painted over tie-down. So first stage was silly painted key-poses, then after several takes a rough animation by Lena was incredibly-well done. After that I was drawing clean key-poses over it and Lena was tying-it-down and cleaning-up.

Oh thank you mighty Lena for this great time and for the all the inspiration you gave to me with your hard work! (this is a secret but now she is working on something really mad-looking)

You can check her demoreel here. And if you haven’t seen my film it is still there.  

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